white elephant 

white elephant

I was taught to ignore raised just to grow, dream and hope when my rebellious thoughts were voiced I was fought by own just coz I objected the beliefs of those who invaded my home 
his belief is not my own even his is not his to own but that doesn’t matter does is it ?to most ignorance blinds them to one reality to a fake duality so selfish men have become to dream of a fantasy world where only some are called to kiss the mighty walls hahaha fools be lost
Bloodlines generations all adhered to traditions streams rivers all drain down to the sea if any is corrupted it shall still drain to the sea my history washed at every river bank now silt it’s one with earth yet I can’t see

those who toiled to multiply the corns in his farm just to make the white man whole he who fed demons to burn more homes for a promise of a kingdom for his soul which initial he didn’t think he owned



final move life with no clue 

time sticky as glue love imaginary as blue fall then you be a fool coz boo will never be true heart now a tool everyone want to be cool
fucking faking dreaming crazy everyone want to be crazy lazy motherfucker still want to make it hope they get it 


open my eyes let I see beyond the skies
a burning desire to fly pulls i closer to light for life full of lies so I can’t rely 
religion I pass by for hope I can’t buy
Angels cry up high wings now cant fly
tears now dry 
fake and real now tight close friends now they can’t fight 
the light now dim to sight so fright dares to bite
to reach mighty heights pain has to spike
flames has to rise so sins have to lit 
the path to bright mind is hidden in plain sight hidden from snake eyes that would corrupt men’s heart…..
wars fought and at times lost destruction bought and controlled
so who are we if not gods


patience running out draining me from inside

can’t reach it can’t touch
its just there yet too far
can’t see it my vision all blur
is this my curse for my ego and pride
or for the evil that I may cast
for the world pleasures are vast
full of lust that men plunge
deaf to the danger tune playing in the background
blind to the vicious flow of events
thirsty yet filling the well with stones


Turn on the light feel my vibe

its so bright you can’t fight
let the light blind your sight
its my time let me shine
let me fly let me ride
through the stormover the wall
in my blood in my bones
for my rights for my soul
No loss I’m made of gold 
never frost always warm,for my people and my home 
47 254flow
for the hustlers who reap where they sow
not what they saw and never bought
make it rain’ you say,cheap!!
make it snow
ain’t no gain with fake pain


the seducers of men’s mind has turned to be the reducer of men’s time

Blinded by illusions man finds hope to survive in this confusion
You see he has no balls to fight this invasion
For his always afraid to turn the ignition,to change his vision and redirect his ambition
Still seating around through the seasons
Waiting for a reason or maybe a beacon to show him the magic ditchhole
Where he can deep and be rich from


blind men leading the race dumb followers trying to keep the pace killing the game just looking for fame

thinking that they will make it out of this maze
its amazing how they try to rob fate of karma
while karma is in the kitchen ready to give the a tastes
who is to blame,this world is already up in flame
burning the weak,turning them to bait 
money is their gain,irregardless of the shame
turning human joy to sudden pain
now insanity a slave,pledging to take up arms and aim
I wish I could change the tide and show the right path to light
for there’s no need to fight coz hate might end a tribe
it ain’t safe after light the demons are looking to take me alive trying to take a bit,fright lures me to take flight,
it may lead to my doom,but for know I have no other clue
fear bond to my soul like glue